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Outdoor LED display how to deal with water?

Huizhou Deke Photoelectric Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 10, 2017

1. With the fastest speed with the blower or other tools, the water of the LED screen body completely blown dry.

2. The screen after the full blown aging, the specific steps are as follows:

A. Adjust brightness (Kangbai) to 10%, power aging 8-12 hours.

B. Adjust brightness (Kangbai) to 30%, power aging 12 hours.

C. Adjust brightness (Kangbai) to 60%, power aging 12-24 hours.

D. Adjust brightness (Kangbai) to 80%, power aging 12-24 hours.

E. Adjust brightness (Kangbai) to 100%, power aging 8-12 hours.